Voxel Bay – Virtual Reality as Distraction Techniques


Factor replacement treatment for hemophilia is a procedure that can cause anxiety in patients. The treatment method requires that the patient remain still, which can exacerbate the anxiety.

Design Solution

Create an immersive virtual environment that overloads a patient’s perception of sensory input. Considerations of the factor replacement treatment dictated that movement must be limited; therefore, the design substituted hand controls with integrated head movement and breathing exercises that serve as the control mechanics within the game.

Project Details

The RISI Design and Technology Team designed a virtual environment that places a child into a sailboat that travels between three islands. The child must blow into a microphone in order to travel between the islands. There are also novel and fun mini-games to play on each island. Children would be given their own version of a ‘Google Cardboard’ viewing device to decorate and keep between infusions. Clinics would have a minimal investment of two or three iPod Touch devices that the virtual environment would run on.

The system is a completely interactive virtual experience that was designed and developed within the RISI R&D division. The system uses alternative modes of interaction which do not require gross body movement on the part of the user. In addition, the interactive experience provides tools that augment and add to the current distraction techniques already in use by clinical staff.