Research Information Solutions and Innovation

Research Information Solutions and Innovation

Research and Development

The mission of the Research Information Solutions and Innovation (RISI) R&D is to collaborate with researchers and clinicians on problem solving to enhance clinical research through advanced informatics methodologies and disruptive technology. We are proud to be an agile group, accelerating innovation through wide array of services. Our teams in R&D include Data Collaboration, Data Science, and Design and Technology.

Design and Technology

We focus on user-centric design to develop holistic strategies for the specific needs of your custom web or mobile application/device.

Data Collaboration

We offer services including Data Management, Data Warehousing, Honest Broker, Reporting Services, Electronic Data Capture, and Big Data.

Data Science

Our Data Science team employs innovative approaches for acquiring, managing, retrieving, and analyzing data.

Recent Projects

Contact RISI

We are very interested in hearing from researchers about how we can improve the services we currently provide and what additional services are needed. Contact us to see how we can help.

Service requests can be submitted by emailing or by calling the RISI Service Desk at (614)355-5600 Monday through Friday between 8 AM and 5 PM.